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you won't be disappointed

refurbished Crosley turntable

Since 2003, we have sold literally THOUSANDS of reconditioned, remanufactured and returned Crosley products with a simple promise: You won’t be disappointed.

We test all our Crosley products, whether it is a simple Crosley Turntable or a more sophisticated Crosley CR248 Songwriter with Crosley CD-Recorder.

Our stock is constantly updated, so keep checking for Crosley Turntables, Crosley Jukeboxes, Crosley Record Players, Crosley Radios or Crosley Entertainment Centers.

We know Crosley Record Players better than virtually anyone else, and we stand behind everything we sell.  Visit our store to see the ever-changing inventory of Crosley products.  Email us at anytime, for any reason and we will happy to answer your questions.

refurbished Crosley turntable

These items come from a variety of sources.  Some may have never been out of original box and returned as “overstock” from a retailer.  These items can not be sold as new since they may have damage to the box or a sticker on has been applied to the carton. Some of these items are also returned because they were not wanted due to a wrong color or they were received as a gift and returned.  We don’t take Crosley items that have suffered water damage, obvious cosmetic damage, or have known inherent mechanical issues.  We only take the best returns available and utilize our trained technicians to ensure you get a quality product. We work hard to ensure all products meet our high quality expectations before they leave our facility.  As of July 2011, we have supplied over 2,700 quality turntables on our eBay store with near perfect feedback!  You can visit our eBay store to see our feedback.  Please email us with any questions.  We look forward to providing you an outstanding experience with your reconditioned Crosley product!

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