Second Chance Crosley
refurbished Crosley turntable

our process

It is best to describe our process by what it is not.  We don’t really recondition items, because most don’t need it.  We do inspect all items, ensure they are mechanically perfect and then send them to you.  Many times, we will find a tone arm out of adjustment or a turntable belt that has slipped.  Both are easy fixes for our trained technicians.

Our inventory comes to us for a variety of reasons.  A majority of the inventory comes from dealer’s returned overstock.  Other pieces are customer returns.  You know how it is.  You get it home and the color or style just isn’t quite what you wanted.  And, other items we buy directly from retailers who have distressed inventory.  We NEVER buy items that are smoke or water damaged.  If you are willing to live with a small cosmetic defect in your Crosley Turntable, Record Player or Jukebox, then we can offer you a great product at a deeply discounted price!

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority!  We work hard to ensure your buying process is easy and carefree.  If you can’t give us “5 Star” feedback, then we want to know why!  Check out our eBay store.  We have supplied over 2,700 happy customers with refurbished Crosley Record Players, Jukeboxes, Turntables and Radios since 2003.  We consider ourselves in the customer satisfaction business, and want you to have confidence in your buying decision.  We stand behind everything we sell with a 90 day no-hassle warranty.

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